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Ultra dimensions Pvt Ltd, based on the East Coast of India at Visakhapatnam Specializes in Marine and Dredging related activities apart from other Marine Systems in various segments of Defence & Aerospace.

Ultra-dimensions has executed numerous Construction Projects starting from residential & to commercial complexes and actively participated in a numerous Marine related works such as Piling andSub- Sea works including construction of break waters, burial and de-burial of underwater pipelines, removals, salvage and Grab dredging Operations.

Ultra-dimensions has created a niche for itself in the infrastructure industry in India, through its implementation of custom solutions to projects. Heavy lifting activity has been the core activity of the Dredging business since its inception and hiring of heavy equipment has been the major forte of the company.

Ultra-Dimensions, has earned a name for itself by carrying out successfully the dredging work in between the piles and proved itself once again in successfully extracting of the 600 dia piles &dismantling of the jetty and removal operation through implementation of its customized solution to the project and deployment of specialized equipment, hiring of dedicated and skilled personnel who can adapt to the challenges and exercise good judgment, involved in removal of the piles and related concrete beams and slabs from the Sub Sea level.

Ultra-Dimensions has thus gradually progressed from a dredging to demolition, removal & salvage Company, with all its experience and technical expertise and thorough understanding of safety procedures, environment damage precautions and exhaustive pre-panning to minimize risk factors.

MV LGT Navya 283 RJP-IV000218


Own barges, dredgers



 equipment worth



Ships manned by UDPL crew


M/S UDPL has under take deredging (Both capital and maintenance) in strategic locations of ship building center, Visakhapatnam. We have sucessfully completed over 2.6 Million m3 which includes 80,000 m3 of soft rock and 80,000 m3 of hard rock dredging in a record time of 12 Months to meet the critical requirements of a strategic project construction of OUTFITTING BERTH for ship building cenver(v) overall cost of dredging works excucted by the firm.



Capital and Maintenance Dredging Projects and has been carrying out dredging works/for Indian Navy since its inception. Presently the dredging fleet consists of Two Self Propelled Hopper Barges of Hopper Capacity 1000 CuM, One Backhoe Dredger and Two Grab Dredgers. In addition to the dredging fleet, UDPL has in its fold Senior Master Marines, Marine / Mechanical / Civil engineers with vast experience in the field of Dredging and Marine Works.

Our Capabilities

single point Mooring (SPM) Services:

Our focus is any performing the inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM) Services at a single point mooring (SPM) both topside and subsea to ensure the facility reliablity and availability is maintained at the levels required as well as to ensure retention of class certification it also includes the pre and Post berth inspection of the SPM of the SPM

This services also includes the preventive maintenance of the facilty which needs to be done form the moment of installation the buoy and its hand over to final user / client.
offshore accommodations:Who we are

Our Capabilities

By working on a continued growth and by providing our client s with quality

products and service we aim to consolidate our position in dredging industry and

related fields to realize this aim we have experienced specialist at our disposal

rich in their experience having worked on major projects with reputed companies

like the Dredging corporation of India we also believe that the clarity and

transparency of supervision and accountability are the corner stones of good

management we maintain a solid system of corporate governance Our

improvised techniques combine accuracy and minimum process give us the

leverage in being competitive we also cater to the sea ports services and needs

by way of multi utility vessels tugs cutter suction dredgers backhoe dredger spud

barges hopper barges form our IRS (Indian) register of shipping) approved facility

at EXBOC area of Kakinada port Andhra Pradesh India.

Our innovative and cost effective solutions for various services and mechanism

of construction make so one of the most efficient services providers this is a

collaborative effort of highly qualified professional team backed by years of

experience and expertise.

Having worked in various projects for the government semi government and

private for the past two decades the firm has expanded considerably form a small

manufacturing company to an enterprise engaged in various range of activities

and expertise.

Having worked in various projects for the government semi government and

private for the past two decades the firm has expanded considerably form a small

manufacturing company to an enterprise engaged in various Range of activities

by the name and style of Ultra Dimensions Put Ltd.

The profile highlights some of the various fields in which it it operates such as

manufacturing and infrastructure development projects Now with the new

opportunities being created we have started to diversify our activities selective

growth the company has now expanded into field of dredging and marine works.

Our Capabilities

UDPL owns and operates self -contained accommodation work barges with complementing anchor handling tugs, designed to provide a complete packages services to the offshore construction industry

its barges can accommodate and fully sustain more then 300 Personnel at any single point of time and has onboard construction equipment supporting charterer’ s activates such as welding cutting power and water generation and offshore heavy lift cranes capable of performing offshore activities like hook up.

Our Capabilities


Ultra Dimensions Pvt Ltd new employs many professional and managemnet staff and opertes with experienced technical and supporting Personnel our experienced dredging team at UDPL take active interest in the projects undertaken to ensure smooth excution .And timely delivery the company recognizes the importance of quality and timely completion which enables to complete projects within dudgets and to remain competitive to maintain this objective the company, has inclucated the strategy of executing the work directly instead of giving subcontracts Thus ensuring quality of service reliablity and total customer satisfaction  .

Harbour Towing

Diving support:

The barges with open desk space available are most suitable for setting up diving spread to carry out survery and repairs free span correction of subsea pipe lines and cables.
UDPL has extensive experience handling marine equpment and dredging vessels and understand the unique challenges of working in the marine construction environment offshore towing of dreding equpment and marine dump darbes is the specialty of our tug crews a multi services marine transportation company UDPL can safely and efficiently deliver clinets darge or equpment to any port in the world this versatility is made possible by the company”s practive of partnering with its customers in the planning engineering administration and excecution of tows.

Following are some of service related to towing:
Ocean & coastwise towing contract towing & barge management services.
Harbor services
Dredging & marine construction support vessels oilfield support anchor handling project change managment
Offshore Towing
Tug and Barge services.

Name of Dredger/ CraneTypeDescription
1.Manitovoc 4000 ViconCrawler CraneWith up to 200 feet of lattice boom.
Lifting capacity of 150 tons.
2.Flat Top Barge of 1980 DWTBarge of 1980 DWT15mtrs x54 mtrs x 3.5 mtrsEquipped with four points mooring to lift wreck or debris submerged under water or under the sea bed.
 3.TATA 655 BLCCrawler CraneLifting capacity of 45 tons and 110 feet of lattice boom.
 4.American 7250Crawler CraneLifting capacity of 65 tons and 120 feet of lattice boom.
 5.P&H 440Crawler CraneLifting Capacity of 40 tons and 100 feet of lattice boom.
 6.EX 350 TATA Hitachi excavator11.5 mtrs super long reach boom and 7.6 metres arm and 0.7 Cbm bucket combination to achieve a vertical digging reach of 15.5 meters.
 7.EX 200Rock breaker ExcavatorExcavator and Rock Breaker.
 8.Submersible PumpsPumpOperated for mud removal.
 9.SSBASurface Supply Breathing ApparatusOperational SSBA sets consisting of Dive compressors and Control Panels for multiple teams of divers.
 10.Dive Gears Gears KMB Dive mask, underwater communication set, safety harness, neoprene suits, Booties, Dive knifes, Bail out bottles, etc.
 11.Rigging Equipment  Chains and other rigging gear for heavy lift.