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(MAFI) for the Indian Air Force

Ultra Dimensions Pvt Ltd: Pioneering Support for the Indian Air Force MAFI Project.  At Ultra Dimensions Pvt Ltd, we are at the forefront of providing unparalleled Follow-on Support to the prestigious Indian Air Force (IAF) MAFI (Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure) project. Our dedication and expertise span across 30 IAF bases and the pivotal TETTRA SCHOOL based in Pune, underscoring our commitment to excellence and reliability in enhancing India’s defense infrastructure.

Navigational Aids Mastery & AFLS

  1. Navigational Aids Mastery:Our team specializes in the maintenance, repair, and calibration of pivotal navigational aids, including TACAN, LOCALISER, GLIDE PATH, DVOR, and DME (High & Low Power). We ensure these critical components are at peak operational readiness.
  2. 2. Air Field Lighting Systems (AFLS) Expertise: We maintain and calibrate AFLS, including PAPI, power rings, DG systems, and offer spare support to the IAF, ensuring the airfields are safe and fully functional under all conditions.

Runway Visual Range System

  1. Runway Visual Range System: Our meticulous maintenance and repair services extend to the Runway Visual Range (RVR) systems, accompanied by a robust supply of essential spares.

Air Traffic Management System (ATMS)

4. Air Traffic Management System (ATMS) Maintenance: We provide comprehensive maintenance, rectification, and repair services for the ATMS of the MAFI system, a cornerstone of airfield modernisation.

Data Ring and ICT Services

  1. Data Ring and ICT Services: From maintenance and repair to the provision of spares for Data Ring, Layer 2 & 3 switches, NTP servers, and NMS, we ensure seamless data flow and communications, including the maintenance of dual redundancy systems.

VCCS System

  1. VCCS System Support: Our skilled Engineers offer maintenance, repair, and spare part replenishment for the critical Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS), ensuring reliable Ground to Ground and Ground to Air communication across operations. We so extend maintenance and repair support for hand held communication sets.


  1. Laboratories of Excellence: Our state-of-the-art labs in NCR and Chennai stand ready to undertake complex repairs and maintenance tasks, embodying our commitment to technical superiority and operational excellence.

Laboratories of Excellence

  1. Collaborative Efforts & Astral Standards: We actively assist the IAF in simulation studies for airfield sensitivity and beam forming areas, ensuring optimal performance of Localisers and Glide Paths. Our team of seasoned experts also aids in the calibration and categorisation upgrade of navigational aids.


Looking Ahead: Our track record of maintaining the highest standards of serviceability places us in a prime position for extending our support under the future Follow-on Support extension. As a testament to our unmatched capabilities, we are poised to be a leading contender in the long-term maintenance agreement for all MAFI bases with the IAF and are ambitious in modernising Air Traffic Services for  the IAF , Indian Navy and the Indian Army.


We at Ultra Dimensions Pvt Ltd are not just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in safeguarding and enhancing the nation’s air defense infrastructure through unwavering commitment and technical excellence.