Replacement of Floating Caisson Gates, Sliding Caisson Gates and Mitre Gates for various Docks in Indian Navy, Mumbai. M/s UDPL., has been awarded this project by DODY which includes the design, fabrication of nine gates with commutative weight around 3600Ton, state of the art Hydraulic system, Heavy lift Powerpack system, Control panel required civil work at the dock. The designs of all the gates are approved by IRS and vetted with IIT Chennai.  the project is presently under execution.


Modernization of Material Organization, Goa on “Turnkey Basis”. The project involves a state of the art Automated Storage and Retrieval System.  This system is utilized for atomized storage of a minimum of 12000 spares, under a fast-moving category, of all types of aircraft spares held at Material Organization, Goa. This system is integrated with the Integrated Logistics Management System.  The scope of work includes civil works Hard Standing with Galvanism Sheet Supporting by Metallic Trusses.


Supply of Titanium/NAB/SS Valves: UDPL has designed, manufactured and supplied more than 1000 valves made of titanium, NAB (nickel, aluminum, and bronze), SS, CA104 and ferrous materials, manual as well as pilot operated to DMDE. These valves were primarily of Russian origin.  We have re-engineered the valves and made them indigenously and supplied for the nuclear underwater vessel.


Installation Pressure Testing and Flushing of Pipes for P-75 Project. M/s.UDPL is undertaking the Installation, Pressure Testing and Flushing through of Pipes for P-75 Project at Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai


Fabrication of Pipes at SBC(V): M/s.UDPL is associated with the Fabrication of Pipes/ Spools for various systems onboard Submarine at SBC(V) . The said job is under process and expected to continue beyond the year 2023.